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miércoles, 5 de marzo de 2008

The Shane Word

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lezzoh dijo...

hahaha shane es la onda.. :D


Anónimo dijo...

hi hi baby, so much time out of here..
i'm in barcelona right now,with my grandma, enjoing every street in the city..
i wish you were here!
the sagrada familia is amazing, the last time i saw it, was so much years ago. every time i found something new!
velvet is with my cousin, dont worry! but please! send me pictures of "amelita", why dont you show amelita's beauty to everybody?

by the way..what happend? why are you interested in guys? god..please find some tits quickly and forget as soon as posibble about the people with a penis..

well baby, i have to go now

miss/love/wish you

(goma rosa's lovers..dont be jealous, we're just friends no matter how many times we make out last summer)

Erin Kane

Fire_tony dijo...

Jaja, comentarios reveladores...

Me encanta esa mujer, es muy bonita.

♥Tux♥ dijo...

mmm sip, es la neta Shane :D

pikieyes dijo...

me encanta the l word, asi es si de x si ando x aqui muy seguido imagiiinate cuando pones estas cosas! NIceeeeeeeeeeeee!

Goma Rosa dijo...

¿Es la neta Shane?
Es la neta.